Thursday, May 7, 2015

We have an OFFICIAL logo!

Check out Downright

Look at it.  Isn't it pretty?  My heart flutters and a tear forms in the corner of my eye when I gaze upon the fantastical wonderfulness that is...our official logo.  It's been four years in the making.  We've talked about DRL, and we've promised that it will actually come to fruition.  But today we scream from the rooftops: "We are alive!!"  Ok, maybe this is all a bit extreme to some.  But for me, it's a pretty big deal.  

I've talked about Down Right Living becoming a non-profit organization for so long, but have made no steps to do so.  Yeah, part of it is because Jake has had a few issues. Then Elisha and her  heart issues.  But in spite of it all, I've decided to push DRL to the top of my priority list and earnestly begin fundraising to make it happen.  I even have a business/marketing plan (gasp!)  I know, right?

Be very afraid. 

Until then, if you'd like to help us reach our goal, we have a couple options for you.  

1) Donate outright through GoFund Me.  Donate to Down Right Living. Help us become a non-profit!

2)  Buy our T-shirts...or tank tops...or sweatshirts...(you get the picture) from us.  You can check out the options here:

Every little bit would be appreciated.  None of it goes into our pockets. It goes directly into making DRL a non-profit and paying forward to those other families touched by Down Syndrome. 

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