Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gemiini Update: Jacob's Speech is Progressing

This is my monthly post on Jacob's speech progression using Gemiini.

 Jacob on Mother's Day 2015Admittedly, we haven't been using Gemiini as often as I'd like.  Jake's older sister had heart surgery three weeks ago, so our focus was on her for much of April.  However, whenever possible, I would sit down with Jake and go over the videos.  Plus, they have an app that we've downloaded that Jake can click on without requiring me to log into their system to watch the videos.  I've caught him several time with his Ipad watching those videos and making the sounds and signs to the words.
 Jacob on Mother's Day 2015
I've seen a lot of progression in Jake these last several weeks.  He's progressed from using signs and a series of grunts to babbling with consonants, and even trying to use words.  This last week he pointed to an object and said "there!" (which sounded more like 'dehyr', but whose complaining?), and last night he was doing the da-da-da thing.  What a leap from absolute silence. 4 1/2 YEARS we've been trying to get Jacob so say SOMETHING, and now it's happening.  Is it bad to say there are days I want to shed tears of joy at this development?

 Jacob enjoying the springtime on Mother's DayThis morning we were on again.  He only managed to watch for 10 minutes, but he did all the signs, all of the sounds associated with the animals, and was attempting to say the words.  He'd either manage to say the beginning or the end, but not the entire word.  They're baby steps, but for me they are HUGE.  I have hope.  And there's nothing better in the world than having hope for your child and his ability to communicate.
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Barb said...

You are right on, with your tears! Parents of other DD children will understand, the minor milestones that Jake is making now, that others were able to take for granted, mean the world to you!