Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A random story about Jacob

 *All names, locations and information was made up to protect the innocent*

Once upon a time there was this little boy named Jacob. 

He had 3 big brothers and sisters who always seemed to have fun.  Jacob wanted nothing better than to run and play with his brothers and sisters. 
But because he was so little, he was often left behind.  

Poor Jacob.  He was so sad.  Being little was nooooo fun. 

One day, little Jacob decided he wasn't going to stay home any more.  
So he filled his backpack with goodies, and decided to go on an adventure of his own

During his travels, he want to the botanical gardens,

National Forests,

And even the grasslands of Africa.

Every day was an adventure for this little fellow. 

After traveling the world, little Jacob decided it was time to go home.  
He packed up his bags, and made the long journey back to his family.
His big brothers and sisters greeted him with open arms and told him how important he was to the family.  They had missed him soooooooo much!  Jacob never realized how important he was to his family, and decided that he would save the rest of his travels for another time when he was much much older.  

The End!

P.S. ~ This was just an excuse to showcase some of my favorite Jacob pictures from the last couple of weeks :)

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