Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Bliss

It's hard to believe that Courtney is already two years old!
Our little princess/Roller-derby wanna-be has been nothing if not vivacious and full of life! 
When we first found out about Jacob, we weren't sure how she'd react to the "competition" but she's taken on such a sweet and loving presence around him (as long as she's paying attention and doesn't accidentally step on him as she's running around screaming and tearing the house apart in 5 seconds flat!)

This year was the first time Courtney really had a chance to get into the spirit of her birthday.  So we invited our friends, the Carpenters, and Les & Karen (KC's brother and his wife) over to celebrate the big day!
Everyone got into the "Princess" spirit!
Courtney loved all of her presents, all of the attention, and all of the yummy food!  Aside from her squeals of delight and her saying things like, "That's AWESOME!", it was a low - key birthday filled with those we love the most! Thanks to everyone for making it a success! :)

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Brianne said...

Courtney is a cutie pie. She looks more like she's 3 though... Jacob is getting cuter too. I can't wait to meet that little angel someday. I am SO GLAD to hear he is doing so well. Thanks for the update. Love and miss you guys.