Friday, November 26, 2010

Losing Pick Lines and Navigating the Mass of Doctors Working on Jacob

Its been a few days since I've taken the time to post anything new in the Allred Home.  This last week has been Thanksgiving week which means we've been blessed to be surrounded by our friends, family and loved ones all week long. We have been so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many loving and supportive people in the last several weeks.  So much so that our 'cups runneth over'.  My house is sparkling clean from top to bottom, I have had more sleep in the last week than I have had in the last 2, I haven't cooked a meal in weeks, and everywhere I turn, someone else has been showing acts of kindness and love to our family.  We have been truly blessed by all of our friends, family, and members of our church. All I can say is "wow" - and try REALLY HARD not to choke up with emotion and gratitude from the overwhelming sense of love we have felt from you all.  Thank you.

At times it can be difficult to spend so much time with Jacob at the hospital when all the rest of our family is here from out of town.  Luckily, everyone has been very understanding with the circumstances, and have even taken shifts with Jacob so that I can get more than my customary 3-4 hours of sleep per night and try to pretend to have a semblance of a life.  Courtney has begun to show the effects of me being gone so much, but the Aunties and the grandparents have stepped in and spoiled her rotten this week.  She has taken to the whole group and asks for them whenever we are not around. 

For the most part, little Jake has been an absolute trooper.  They finally got an internal jugular pick line into his little body at the beginning of the week, only to have it "fall out" when they changed the dressing 2 days later.  How something embedded into the body 6 inches via surgery by specialists just "falls out" on its own is beyond me, but I try to give them the benefit of the doubt.  To their credit, the nurses were able to get an IV into Jacob in less than a 1/2 hour (MUCH better considering the norm is about 1 1/2 hours of screaming on his part!) and were able to get a new IJ pick line in about 6 hours later after he'd waited the customary amount of time after his feeding to go under anesthesia. 

To his credit, the doctor came in and talked to KC and apologized profusely and promised that something like that would NOT happen again.

We thought all was taken care of and we were well on the road to recovery (they were talking 10 more days of antibiotics then home!) when we got a phone call this morning from Dr. Mueller again.  The nurses had been cleaning Jacob's pick line again because there was fluid build up and pulled it out again!!  Needless to say, I nearly came unglued.  No one has talked to me about it yet (they keep seeming to want to talk to KC - I think they're trying to avoid the emotionally crazed mom) but this is beginning to get ridiculous.  Whenever I DO get to talk to someone about Jacob, his infections, the estimated time he may or may not be in the hospital, etc.  I seem to get a different variation of the same story. 

There are so many people working on Jacob and everyone seems to have their own area of expertise.  So, there seems to be little communication among one another about what is going on, the official diagnosis, and how we are going to proceed.  For instance, Dr. Mueller told KC today that they will not be putting in another pick line into Jacob again for fear that it will just come out again.  They want to keep his existing IV in for as long as they possibly can (they're hoping for 4 or 5 days).  However, that still means another 4 or 5 days that he needs antibiotics, but will have no means of administration because all of his little veins are completely exhausted and unable to maintain an IV - this is pretty much the last IV they can put in him.  Soooo what do you do when your baby can't hold and IV, he can't hold a pick line, and he NEEDs to have his antibiotics in order to leave the hospital? Shots. lots and lots of them.  They'll give him shots right into his legs filled with the antibiotics several times a day.  Great.   HOWEVER, as we were leaving the hospital today, one of the nurses stopped KC and was talking to him about the pick line and seemed to indicate that she'd be talking to the doctor and see if there was another pick line alternative.  I heard mention of putting a line into his femoral artery??  Who knows.  We'll see what tomorrow's doctor says about it all.

It's kind of like the duration of our stay here at the hospital.  If you talk to one person, we'll be here for 4 weeks.  If you talk to another it is 3.  If you talk to another we have about 10 days, etc.  I think the duration of our stay will all depend on who is in charge on which day, and what kind of mood they are in at the 

To say the least, I am mastering the art of patience and how to bite my tongue.  It does me no good if I start yelling at the nurses and become the 'mother from Hell', does it?  Although I must say, my patience is only going to last so long.  I only have a few drops of it left.

...This too shall a kidney stone!


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