Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family visits and taking time for myself while Jake is in the Hospital

Friday was a relatively good day.  Jacob's platelet counts are up to 71,000 which means that he is 29,000 away from the 100,000 goal that we need before the doctor will do his spinal tap for meningitis.  He is still modeling (splotchy look to his skin), but he is doing sooo much better this evening than he was last night.

KC came in bright and early this morning around 6 a.m. and took the day-shift for me.  He mentioned that he met with the Urologist who explained that his kidney issues needed to be addressed, but we needed to take care of the infections first.  So, they just wanted to put him on antibiotics until his surgery. 

Jacob spent most of the morning eating small quantities of milk in the morning, but the amount grew as the day wore on.  At one point he was up to 4 oz. again, but wound up throwing it ALL up again.  It's still kind of disconcerting that he's throwing things up, but I'm thrilled to see the progress (and lack of new developments) over the last 24 hours. 

I took the night shift again and had KC's family come visit.  Aunt Karen, Aunt Tonya and Grandma Allred all came and visited Jacob, held him and gave me some much needed 'adult' time.  Grandma Allred really seems to have the touch because she was the last to hold Jacob before they left and that little boy had some solid hard-core sleep time for a few hours after she left.  It was soo nice to have him sleeping so soundly and not waking up every 15 minutes because he was uncomfortable.

I even got to go home early - I left around 3:30 a.m. confident that he wouldn't be choking on his own phlegm or throwing up in his sleep and got to have 5 hours of my own hard-core sleep.  It was nice to wake up knowing I could face the world today.  :)

I came into the hospital room and saw Jacob sleeping like a baby.  Yay!  And aside from the occasional doctors visits and nurses checking on vitals, he's continued to sleep deeply for the last hour - thus my quick(ish) blog!!

They did another platelet count and said that his counts are up to 81, 000 (only 19,000 to go!), There is no longer ecoli in his urine and there are no new bad developments.  Dr. Mueller even mentioned we might get moved back to Pediatrics in the next day or two but said that they were in no hurry to kick us out ;)

Sooo, today is starting out to be a good day.  Hopefully, I won't have reason to get on this blog and write again today. No news is good news, right????

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