Monday, September 7, 2015

My daughter, the artist

My daughter is an amazing artist.  It's quite disgusting actually.  She also plays Division I sports, was offered scholarships for singing, is a commissioned artist, was ASB president in high school, and has succeeded in nearly everything she's ever put her mind to.

 US Art SupplyCanvasesI told you. Disgusting.  In an absolutely fabulous sort of way, of course.  Who am I to complain? Besides,   I'm writing a series of Young Adult novels about her.

She has her very own website called where she displays some of her past art. And, as a favor to me, she agreed to product test some canvases for me.

I received a variety of canvases - 24 to be exact - ranging in size from 3X5" to 8X10".

These canvases are low-profile, which means they lay flat on the table.

 US Art Supply CanvasesI wasn't sure what to think of the canvases when I received them, but she was extremely excited. She wound up making a wall clock for her new apartment, as well as making a wedding gift for a friend out of the remaining pieces.  How does this girl come up with her ideas?

I don't know either.  But that girl is sure talented!

* I received these canvases for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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