Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Clumsy Children = Childproofing....Again

In a matter of ten days, Jacob has wound up with a goose egg on his forehead the size of a golfball, and Courtney has has two major falls.  Now she's got bruises all over her arms and face.  It looks like she's being abused at home. Her bruises are so bad that I had to e-mail her teacher and let her know what was wrong and ask her to keep an eye out for more clumsiness at school to figure out if she's just clumsy or if I need to have a doctor check her out (inner-ear infection,maybe?).  Gah!

I've come to the point where I'm considering baby-proofing my home for my 6-year-old and my 4-year old!  OK, there's no way to Jacob-proof a home.  But I'm hoping to minimize the damage before Child Services gets called in. 

That's how the babyproofing foam edges came into play.

The picture to the left is how it came (with double sided tape) and the picture on the right is the edging on our table (I'm considering adding it to the wrought iron railing, but black on black doesn't make a good picture, does it!)

I was pretty impressed with this stuff because of how impact resistant it was and how easy it was to install.  Since it was a soft foam, I knew if Jacob hit it full-speed, he wouldn't end up with another giant goose egg.  Plus the tape, meant I wouldn't have to keep re-installing it every time Jake decided to pull it off and use it as a weapon against Courtney (or any other member of the family!)   - OK, at least it slowed him down a bit!

Granted, there aren't enough foam edging in the world to compensate for Courtney falling down the stairs again, but if I can prevent even one more bruise from happening, it will be worth it!

Hopefully these drastic measures won't be necessary for long, and both my children will regain their equilibrium soon!

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