Friday, August 8, 2014

Visiting the Cardiologist

This week was heart week for Jacob!  It had been 18 months since he'd seen the cardiologist and they wanted to do a checkup to make sure his ticker was still working properly.

We had planed our echo cardiogram for 11:00 a.m and then were scheduled to see the cardiologist at 12:30.  I knew we were in for a loooong day - especially since it's a 30 minute drive to see the Doctor.  So, at 10:15 little Jake and I were off to see the doctor! I had a bag filled with books, treats, videos, and a mental list of things we can do at the hospital where the cardiologist is located (since we're so well acquainted with it from past years!)

We show up at the cardiologist and Jake hit full-blown flirt mode!  He made his rounds to each of the little girls in the waiting room, then started flirting with the ladies at the desk, poking his head around the monitors to grin at them and wave.

He was all giggles and smiles until he took one look at the echo room - the bed,the monitors, the machines.  He didn't even walk inside before he totally freaked out.

Now, I expected him to be less than thrilled about an echo, but it has been more than 3 years since his heart surgery, and he's only had 1 other weekend stint in the hospital since then.  A full on melt-down was not anticipated.  But he looked like he was have a serious case of PTSD or something.

I had to pick him up, wiggling and wailing, take of his shirt, lay down with him on the bed, and physically hold his arms, legs, head and body while the poor technician tried to echo his heart.  30 minutes later, the technician gives up, telling me she's gotten as much as she's gonna get on my son.

We leave the room, both Jake and I looking like we'd just run a marathon.  I wish I'd brought another change of clothes.  Gah!

We head out to the shocked faces of the ladies at the front desk and are informed that we have 1 hour before we can see the doctor.  Undaunted, I tell them I'll see 'em in an hour, and take my son out to roam the hospital.

We stop by the Ronald McDonald House so he can talk to Ronald and give him a hug, then we go to the fish hall to listen to the fish, and check out the city from the sky walk.  Then, we went and had lunch in the cafeteria - which was quite exciting because there was no high chair and Jake was still grumpy from his appointment.  So even the dessert wasn't interesting him that day.

Finally, an hour later, we find our way back to the Dr's office and are called back.  The poor nurse tries to check his heart but all of Jake's happiness is spent so he just keeps swatting her away and insists on climbing up giving himself googly eyes in the giant mirror next to the examination bed.  But the sweet woman takes it in strides and goes to find the Doctor.

He walks in all smiles and sass (have I mentioned I like this doctor?) and tells me he's been getting lots of comments about how Jacob is full of 'energy'.  Laughing, I agree that his description is the most politically correct way of saying he's crazy active today.

Jake was nice enough to let the doctor listen to his heart for a minute, but nothing else.

And the prognosis is:  He sounds GREAT!  There are no leaks or issues whatsoever!  We don't have to go back for THREE MORE YEARS!!

It was totally worth the 5 hours of hospital time to get the news.


Chris said...

Woot! Woot! Love hearing this great news. Keep up the good work, Jacob!

Susan Allred said...

Thanks! It's been a great year. And BOY is he active! lol