Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Waiting for the Dust to Settle

It's hard to believe its already been a week since Jacob came home after his heart surgery! And what progress he has made!

Jacob Sleeping. The only time he ISN'T moving now!

I really begin to get the feeling that he has become a normal little boy now (relatively speaking, of course!). Jacob still pretty much sleeps through the night, which I am eternally grateful for. It makes up for the fact that I'm still waking up to Courtney 2-3 times per night.  I think she has nightmares and is waaaaay too attached to her bottle at night. 

He was weighed on Sunday and has chunked up to a sturdy 11 lbs 11 oz.!!  So when you look at him, he's not quite so fragile looking.  His incisions are healing nicely, and the one for his heart just looks like a paper cut now!  It's amazing the job that they've done on him. 

He sleeps so soundly now.  No random gagging or puking. 

He's become a pretty active boy now.  We have a little vibrating chair that he likes to sit in with toys hanging above him.  He'll sit in the chair, enjoy the wiggling, and kick his feet at the toys and yell at them. It took us a couple of days to realize that the yelling wasn't him indicating that he was upset or bored, he was merely talking and playing with his toys! 

His head has gotten much stronger.  He can almost completely support his head on his own now.  There's almost no wiggling!  A couple of weeks ago he was unable to support any weight on his legs, which I attributed to the low muscle town from having Downs Syndrome.  But here we are 2 weeks later and he can support about 1/2 his weight on his legs.  It's difficult to work on this aspect because we're still not allowed to hold him under his arms.  Everything must be done by cradling his neck and his body like a newborn so as not to aggravate the sternum during the healing process.  I know that once we're able to treat him like a normal child he will continue to grow and progress by leaps and bounds!


Brianne said...

Is that red I'm seeing in his hair? What a doll, once again. I just want to kiss that sleeping baby! Ooh!

Summers Family said...

So much hair! When did that happen? He looks like a totally different baby. So content too in that picture. So does he have a schedule or is it just sleep when he wants? I am trying to figure out Joshua's, but am lost still.