Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mommy Dearest

Now Jacob is no respecter of persons.  He doesn't care if you're Courtney, a 20-month-old toddler who has a propensity towards screaming at high pitches and doing a hard-core head banging dances to whatever music is on the radio (provided she doesn't jump on him).  He doesn't care if you're some stranger dropping by to say hello.  And he even wouldn't care if you were some big shot like the Pope or the Queen of England.  He treats everyone the same.  He quietly endures us all provided we don't do anything to hurt him or annoy him.

At least I thought this was the case with Jacob until this evening.  For the first time ever, Jacob showed a preference towards someone.  The boy doesn't even really smile yet - on purpose anyway.  He just goes about his business happy to be held by whomever chooses to pick him up and love on him for a few minutes or hours.  It's all good to him.

This evening after his evening round of medications and the standard gag/puke/gasping fit, Jacob was laying in KC's arms and I came over to check on him while he was in his fathers very-capable hands.  As I began speaking to KC, Jacob turned his head, looked at me, and proceeded to push off KC's arms and twist his body towards me almost twisting out of KC's hands.  For a little boy who doesn't even have the muscle strength to hold his own head up yet, Jacob seemed awfully determined to be in the arms of his mother.

Of course I was MORE than happy to comply with his wishes and we proceeded to have several minutes of mother-son bonding.  How could I not?  His wish is my command and that darned little boy has me wrapped tighter and tighter around his little finger each day he's alive! Ah yes! It's good to be mom!
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Summers Family said...

THAT IS AWESOME! Some day I hope to be a preference, at least for a moment.

Amy and Aaron said...

Yea for Mommy! Matthew was always (and still his) terrible at taking medications. We say we think he'd prefer to still have his NG tube in so we can give medicines that way!! Anyway - we're thinking of you and your sweet boy. When is his surgery sceduled to be?