Saturday, October 9, 2010


So yesterday I had my weekly "You get to spend all DAY at the doctors' office doing tests" day.

This Friday I got to go in for a Biophysical Profile, a growth scan, and then meet with my OBGYN to find out all the results and to see if anything needed to be done for the baby.  Yesterday, I drove 30 min to the ultrasound and had the baby kicking and moving the entire drive.  As soon as I got into the Ultrasound room, he decided he was tired and fell asleep.  Niiiiiice.  NOT what you want to happen when they are checking for fetal movement.   So we spent 1/2 hour trying to wake the little bugger up - they moved me onto my side, then back onto my back, then made me put my legs straight out, then gave me some apple juice to get him all 'sugared' up, then I emptied my bladder, they put a vibrating buzzer up to him to scare him awake...nothing.  This kid would NOT budge.  Is it too much of me to ask that he sleeps the same way when he's OUT of my tummy too?

Needless to say, he just barely passed the "breathing" part of the test, but he failed the movement part horribly. 
 The only disability in life is a bad attitude

I went to my Doctor's appointment and he talked to me to see if the baby had been moving, which I told him he had.  He asked me if there were changes, and I basically told him my contractions were further apart but more painful.  He asked me if he needed to check me and I said, "Nope.  You and I both know that I'm not having this baby before induction date.  I've been induced with all of my 3 other kids".  Normally I'd at least get a smile from him.  Nothing.  Hmmmmm.

He told me that the baby had failed his BPP and that he needed to send me to the hospital for another test.  I said, "OK".  We discussed when induction would actually be (the 25th) and he realized we didn't choose a time, so he had Megan, his nurse take me to the scheduling nurse to schedule the induction  and even suggested to her that she take me to the hospital.  I informed her I'd been there several times already and I was sure I could find my way.  The whole time I was with them at the office it was if they were waiting for me to FREAK OUT or something....just kind of treading lightly.

C'mon.  Seriously? If I thought that something wasn't right, I'd be the FIRST person to be saying something.  Knowing that something can go wrong at any given time has made me ubber sensitive to what's going on inside me.  If Jacob hadn't moved all morning, I would have been concerned.  Besides, this is NOT my first pregnancy, and it certainly wasn't my first time hanging out at the hospital for some Stress Test to prove what the previous ultrasound had already confirmed...his heart was beating regularly and at the right speed and all was fine.  I just had a heavy sleeper inside me. 

So, anyway...I called Elisha to let her know I'd be staying a little longer than expected. And I called KC (who of course, was in St. Maries and 3 hours away from me with sporadic cell phone coverage)  to let him know I was going to the hospital, but not to worry...just DON'T ignore my phone calls if I try to call again later ;)  I stopped by the intake office (I hadn't turned in my intake paperwork yet for the actual induction date) and they looked at me funny for not going straight up to the Labor and Delivery office.  I just ignored them.

Finally, I made it to Labor & Delivery.  They had been waiting for me and already knew me by name.  They took me to a little room, hooked me up, gave me a TV remote ( I can't remember the last time I've watched TV during the day....nothing has changed.  It's all still CRAP) and left me to lay there for about 30-45 minutes as the machine monitored the baby's heartbeat. 

Funny thing happened....NOTHING. His heartbeat was just fine.  Nice and steady.  No arrhythmia, not stops, no gaps.  He was a normal little baby STILL sleeping.  Though I did get to notice that my contractions were pretty much 6 minutes apart while I was there.  Hmmmm something to keep an eye on.

Elisha Allred: Soon-to-be big sister of Jacob, a boy with Down syndrome
My poor little boy freaked all the doctors and nurses out for nothing.  He's nice and healthy.  So they sent me home.  I was glad to leave.  I was NOT ready to have this baby yet!  It looks like, however, that our family will get to spend the rest of this weekend GETTING the house ready. Just as soon as Elisha finishes up her Saturday Volleyball Tournament! :)

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