Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Watch Out!!!! Big Sister is in Town!

The other day I was driving Elisha home from one of her many volleyball practices and we were discussing my side of the family and all of the people who were having problems in their lives.  As is customary in our family, when anyone is experiencing an unusually trying period or event in their lives, we coordinate all willing participants in our extended family and have a family fast and prayer on a specific day for that individual. 

It just so happened that because of circumstances, we had not one, but four family members for whom we were fasting.  As I went down the list of individuals that we'd been asked to fast for, I informed Elisha that our family had been put on the list as well.  She asked me "why?"  To which I replied, "Because of Jacob and his Downs Syndrome," All of the sudden, out of nowhere, Elisha went into a tirade. She began ranting about how Jacob isn't missing an arm, he's not going to be retarded, he's just going to be a little slower than most people. She continued for a couple of minutes about how excited she was and our family was to have Jacob coming and that there was no reason to pray for him or us.  We were perfectly happy with him and didn't want him to change!

It was then and there that I couldn't help but grin at my 14-year-old daughter.  That same daughter that on any given day would roll her eyes at me because I wasn't giving her enough time on Facebook, or who has mastered the art of dragging her feet on any job she deems boring or dumb so that almost nothing gets done by the end of the day.  That very same daughter I can hear having arguments with her 16-month-old sister, struggling to prove that she is bigger and therefore MUST be listened to...

Yes, that very same daughter was on a rampage.  She was out to protect her soon-to-be little brother from anyone and everyone who might show even a hint of sadness at her little brother's existence.  Elisha is NOT AFRAID to stand up and tell everyone about how great her brother is going to be - just the way he is.  And if you don't like it, well then TOUGH!!!! Just stay out of her way! Because she doesn't have time for anyone who doesn't love Jacob even half as much as she does.

It warms the heart to see the fierce love of a sister for her brother.  I think we're going to be all right after all. :)

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Barb said...

My...that sure sounds like someone else I know...lemme think...OH, it is your miny-me. That apple sure didn't fall far from the tree;-)