Friday, August 20, 2010

Lead, Follow, or GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!

Information is slowly but surely beginning to trickle in about how we are going to care for baby Jacob.  Seriously....only a trickle.  I sent out several e-mails and made a few phone calls last week and expected to get results.  All I've gotten so far is an e-mail letting us know that the Downs Syndrome support groups in our area are basically inactive and we'd have to drive the 30 minutes to Couer d' Alene to get any real 'support'; A phone number to the Gov't agency that would help us find the support services we needed, but a caution from the information giver not to call the agency until our baby is born because we'll just get lost in the shuffle, and a second number that resulted in leaving a message and being told she will be back in the office in 5 days. 

 I will not sit by and complain, I will do.  I will make something happen.

So, now I wait.  Again.  I told KC about the lack of support groups and we were thankful that we knew of at least one family who had a child with Downs Syndrome.  And I realized that if I'm going to want anything to happen, I'm going to have to MAKE it happen.  I can't expect the world to just magically have everything we need in order to make this new living arrangement work.  I'm going to have to put forth some effort, go WAY out of my comfort zone, and be willing to be a leader who wants to MAKE it happen.  I owe it to my child to fight for him and to either find or create the services and support we need to thrive as a family.  So, I guess it's time to dust of my "leader" hat and add to my to-do list:  "Find out what it takes to start up an ACTIVE Downs Syndrome support group in Spokane, WA" .

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